Please Note:

From 19 July 2021 Covid restrictions were relaxed.

 The guidelines are changing daily.

This is impacting on businesses if clients or staff are required to isolate.

We want to remain open with as few restrictions as possible but will continue to take precautions to ensure the well being of staff and clients.

We cannot always answer the phone during opening hours

our email is the quickest way to contact us

so please complete the booking or contact form below.

Our guidelines remain unchanged

Book Appointment (through Web site)

Cannot make appointment for any reason

(have to isolate,feel unwell

work commitments etc)

Contact Salon as soon as possible

through web site

do not wait to phone the salon

Have any Covid symptoms no matter how mild

Do not come to the salon

Follow NHS Advice on testing

Ok to attend appointment

Please keep close contact to a minimum by:

Go to Salon Alone

Arrive on time

Wait at door

Preferably wear a mask

Hand sanitize on entry

Keep space between others

Contactless payment preferable

Sharp & Owen will:

Continue to use a freshly washed gown and disposable towel per client

Wear a mask/visor with close contact

Clean the chair and contact surfaces between clients

Continually sanitize our hands and the salon throughout the day 

Water will be available

Refreshments will be limited to those in for a longer service eg whilst colour developing

Staff will not come to work if required to isolate.

We may need to cancel your appointment at very short notice but will do all we can to rearrange.

Thank You For Your Support & Co operation

Sharp & Owen Team